i think you guys are all starlights
or like vixx very much.
can you tell me who is your bias?^^

  1. palm213 said: Hongbin. his dimple is very cute.
  2. myungthoo said: the most dumb person alive, jaehwan =u=
  3. teateateateahoney said: Leo~ he seems so chill and chic on camera but I feel like he has a silly side so I can relate lots ^^
  4. paintlikethat said: Ravi
  5. yawz said: hyuk!
  6. b3v1 said: Sorry I’m pretty late haha for your reply :p but I <3 N and Hyuk
  7. godz1lla said: N! <3
  8. kuhlahnee reblogged this from jaehwwan and added:
    LEO&KEN :)
  9. ohdamnlala said: Ken is my bias, but Leo and N are really close
  10. lechaerin said: first it was ravi, then leo and now hongbin??? :D
  11. pahndahs said: Ken ken ken!
  12. jimints said: Ravi <3
  13. wonnshik said: all lol ._.
  14. zekais said: n~
  15. wishboydo said: ken~^^
  16. aidamonster said: ken , n , hyuk , ravi and leo :D
  17. namjae said: JAEHWAN
  18. infamouskem said: My bias is N! ^^
  19. myungda said: Hongbin ^_^
  20. hongprince said: mine is hongbin :3 and yeah, you’re right about leo, all the blogs i follow are leo biased, there’s a lot ._.’ lol
  21. jaehwwan posted this
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