My last follow forever and goodbye.

Hello guys, it’s Ana! Since 2014 began I’ve been thinking about my life. Last year I had a very tough time because of school and my future… things get hard when you keep walking nowhere and you feel lost. That was me last year, lost. Fortunately I had this place where I could go any time I wanted, that makes me happy anytime I go. Tumblr.  Here, I always could be myself. I improved my English and also my ps skills. I met so many people with whom I spent a great time together. I also met one of the most important person in life, who teach me the meaning of love.
You know, I’m those kind of people who like doing a lot of things at the same time. I want be everywhere, do everything and know about all kinds of stuff but I realized that I’m just one person. I have just one life. I can’t be everywhere, do everything and know about all kinds of stuff. I realized that, if I keep trying to be where I’m not a part of, to do things I’m not able and to know about stuff unnecessary, I’ll be in the same place until the rest of my life. Once someone told me that sometimes we need to stop doing things we like to get things we actually need and that, that’s the most important thing… things we need.
It was very hard for me list things I like and things I need. Tumblr was one of those things I realized that no matter how much I thought I needed it to be happy, it was actually something I liked. And, as we all know we join here because it’s fun but with time we get addicted like it is a drug. It’s hard to realize that we actually spend so much time here for just 2 things. One: to be ourselves, say things we like, express our feelings, do what we always wanted but world was too scary. And two: to meet some amazing people. And because of that I’d like to thank some people I met here that no matter what happens I’ll always have them inside my heart.

, thank you so much for everything. You’re so funny and dedicated. You always send me some vixx and keep joking with me I don’t even know why. Since the beginning you were my friend and I’m very glad I met you. Let’s eat some coconut together some time, okay?

Twyla, thank you so much for everything. You’re such an amazing person and I want you to know that no matter how hard and tough world is, I know you can make all your dreams came true and always remember something:  we all feel pain in life, but each person feel it in different ways and different times but once you learn how to handle it, you won’t ever suffer again.

Beel, thank you so much for everything. You’re a special girl, you know that? Your soul is innocent and kind and that’s what really matters. You’re good to people and makes everything around you happy and beautiful. Don’t you ever forget how pretty you are, inside and outside.

Fer, thank you so much for everything. You were one of the first people I got a real friendship online and even though time made us go to different ways, there’s no way I’m going ever to forget you. You’re so grown up and teach me a lot of things. You also is one of the funniest person I’ve ever met, there wasn’t a moment we were talking and I was not with a smile on my face.

Roberto, thank you so much for everything. I couldn’t let you don’t be one of this because you are the most important part of this. I just wanted to thank you for being such an amazing person. You helped me more than anyone ever tried and made me happy more than anyone ever did.  This is more than a silly thing to make anything get better, it’s a truly and real thank, bigger than any stupid fight. Everyday I’m happy I met tumblr because I can’t imagine how awful my life would be without you. You’ll always be inside my heart.

Maryam and Tanya, thank you so much for everything. You were always making me laugh someway and somehow make me feel happy everytime we talked.  You are very sweet and kind and you’ll always be in my heart.

Widia, Jael, Gao, Mabs, Margie, Steph, Jennyfer, Naz, Ayee, Ducky Marianna, Hanna and Justine, thank you so much for everything. Some of you I talked twice and some I got closer but you all made me somehow to not regret I had made this blog.  

I’d also liketo thank everybody of my dashboard that always made it shine bright like a diamond lol

Well, I think you all know what I meant with all that speech above and I just want to thank you all, 3k+, for being amazing people. There was no way I would be here without you and I’m really grateful. All who even once sent me any kind of compliment or put in your follow forever I want to say thank you.  All who liked my dumb and personal posts or reblogged my graphics I want to say thank you. For trusting me I want to say thank you. For being even a little bit interested in me  I want to say thank you. And for following me during all this time I just want to say thank you very much.  I hope you don’t miss me the way I’m gonna miss you. I know in time you will forget this another blogger but I hope I could make even a little difference in your lives because If I did it, no moment I spent here was in vain. Thank you so much for everything and I hope you all be happy. 


can’t wait to receive nothing on valentines day

happy lunar new years from vixx! ♡ (part 2)

hongbin’s precious smile ≧▽≦

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